26-06-2021, 05:17 PM

+5 -0

Mark is a very talented and dedicated dog trainer. He taught my wife and I how to deal with our puppy, Badger. We have a very rambunctious Bernedoodle. After the first lesson with Mark our puppy learned all his basic commands, sit, down, stand and stay. Mark is very animated with our dog and our dog responded very well to his positive reinforcement style of training. We will definitely continue to the intermediate training stage with Mark.


30-03-2021, 12:29 AM

+5 -0

Mark is an excellent trainer. He has a lot of patience and he will stay with you and your dog as long as you need it. My dogs were never trained before. Mark gave me tools I needed, I am very pleased with results.
There is a huge change in my puppies behavior.
I love that he is not using any kind of chokers or other, positive reinforcement only.
He is gentle with dogs and my dogs love him.

Paul Shone

11-02-2021, 11:00 AM

+9 -0

Move over Cesar Milan! We have our own Dog Whisperer in Bancroft!
I have a miniature Bull Terrier puppy who is seven months old. They are a very stubborn and independent thinking breed, which is why we chose him as a family pet. Even though I have had dogs all my life, and never had a problem with training them. Brody was a real challenge. I had heard about Mark and his training program, so decided that I could use some help, He came to the house and within an hour of just assessing Brody showed me what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. I found his knowledge of the different breeds of dogs, in particular, my Bull Terrier was enlightening to say the least. He had Brody walking beside him without pulling within an hour and gave me the tools to do the same. I am looking forward to seeing what Mark can teach ME as well as Brody as our classes progress. If any one is having a problem with their pet, I would strongly suggest that they go and see Mark. He knows how to get results,. Paul & Brody

david eakins

05-02-2021, 11:54 AM

+10 -0

Mark is a gifted trainer. Our puppy was showing signs of food aggression, Mark patiently went through the process, showing my wife and I each step and had us actually assisting. At the end of the session, Mark could actually put his hand in the dog's bowl. He gave us the tools to continue this training, said to call anytime, and actually followed up the next day. One session has made all the difference. We highly recommend LCOT.

Taylor Jeff

20-12-2020, 10:52 PM

+11 -0

My family and I would definitely recommend LCOT. Mark is very personable and works well with the specific needs of the pet and their family. He is flexible with his booking times and always available for questions, if needed. We appreciated that the training was completed at our residence. Mark takes the necessary time to ensure the training is understood and completed properly. (It was not - “Your time is up now, I will see you next week.”) Thank you Mark for your patience and professionalism. Lacey thanks you too and will miss your visits.

Patricia Slattery

01-11-2020, 08:37 PM

+16 -0

If you are looking for a dog trainer stop looking. We hired mark a few months ago to help us teach and train our dog Shelby. We had taken Shelby to a trainer in the past, we found that Shelby learned more in 4 weeks with Mark, then in the six week program with another trainer. We found mark to be very patient and somebody who truly loves their job. I honestly believe you can judge a person by the way your dog reacts to them and mine absolutely loves mark. Mark is not your typical trainer, he's truly in this to make sure that your dog is a true member of your family.
We have recently had a few setbacks with Shelby, I really don't know of many trainers that you can call and they are willing to come and help you work through the problems.I find Mark not to be a person to blow is own horn.. I will say it for him .Mark you are the best and my family and I owe you a world of thanks. We truly look forward to the future...

Ann and Les Rowley

18-10-2020, 10:22 AM

+15 -1

We called Mark in desperation, feeling our dog was showing aggressive behaviour towards our other pets. Mark came out to our house within a couple of days and had an immediate impact. He was patient with us and able to provide techniques within a short time to show us our beloved dog was not aggressive but lacked some basic skills. Mark came to our house weekly and took the time to review the exercises and ensure we had a good understanding before he left. We feel that coming to our home, in our environment was key to understanding and developing a plan for success. Mark clearly loves dogs and wants everyone to be successful. I have never been to dog obedience classes before and I would recommend Mark 100%. He is thoughtful and patient.

Drew Galloway

01-10-2020, 10:24 PM

+15 -0

I highly recommend Mark. He takes the time to get to know the dog, he is not another "one hour and done" type trainer like most of the others, and time was never an issue with him, he spent as much time as needed to make sure the skills we learned that week were understood. He treats the dog as if it were his own, we could instantly tell Brant was very comfortable and eager to work with Mark. He checked in on us during the week, and was very responsive to any questions we had outside of our training sessions, he even encouraged us to call for any questions we had to ensure the dog was being taught properly. Mark is very adaptive to different circumstances in his training (I.e. Health issues, disabilities etc.) And makes sure everyone is included in the lessons.

Knowing what goal we wanted to reach, Mark was very adamant that we worked in many types of environments, both controlled and non-controlled, to ensure we achieved the best outcome and understanding of the commands taught.

I am greatful for the work that Mark has done and I am greatly looking forward to working further with him

Alyssa Young

01-10-2020, 08:48 PM

+14 -0

Mark is amazing to work with. He is so good at what he does, he makes his classes fun and easy to understand, he ensures both owners and dogs fully understand what is taught in each lesson and is willing to communicate during the week if you have any questions. We have completed the basic course offered at LCOT and I can't say enough good things about it, especially after doing other courses with other trainers and seeing little to no progress in our pup, it wasn't like anything we had done before, Mark actually took the time to work with the dog and us instead of reading material from a book and expecting you to teach it to your dog with no demonstration. The positive reinforcement technique Mark uses is so effective, my pup, Brant responded very quickly to everything that was taught and we are continuing to grow on his skills in the intermediate course. The positive reinforcement technique and many other positive reviews Mark has recieved are the two reasons we decided to contact him and work with him. Most trainers use shock/e-collars, prong collars or choker chains, to me, that isnt't training, that's forcing a dog to do what you say so they don't feel pain, because of positively training Brant, he WANTS to listen to us. I would 200% recommend Mark.



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