Marianne Gillespie

15-08-2023, 01:07 PM

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We are so happy with the training we received from Mark at LCOT and would highly recommend his services. You will not be disppointed.
Mark has a natural way with dogs and know them so well. He has such passion for dogs and the training he provides. He is well organized and provides a perpared training plan for each session.
Mark taught simple and easy to understand skills for both ourselves and our dogs. He set up our dogs and ourselves to succeed, resulting in overcoming difficult behaviours and increasing confidence for all of us.

The training Mark provides is enjoyable and stimulating and he never lost sight of the fun of training dogs!
We are so pleased with the results. Thank You Mark.
Craig and Marianne Gillespie

Joy Laneville

28-07-2023, 04:10 PM

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Just want to say that I’m sure Mark is a dog whisperer. He is an amazing trainer that cares so much for the dogs themselves and truly gets them to focus on their tasks at hand without any forceful techniques. He also cares about them creating a bond with their humans. Along with basic training we also had Timber go through perimeter training which Mark actually comes to your property and does the training on site. Timber is now a well behaved trained puppy, trained by the best whom is certified and doesn’t pretend to be. Thanks again Mark Ferguson for everything you have done for Timber and myself.

Christine McDonald

13-07-2023, 04:42 PM

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Just another big thank you to Mark of Loyal Companion Obedience Training.
We meet Mark about 1 year ago when we rescued Gracie our 2 year old Wheaten Terrier. Gracie has some medical issues and came to us as a foster when she was only 12 weeks old. We did the basic training with Mark and I felt confident I could continue the good work we started. Mark definately has a natural gift with animals and they take to him immediately, he has a firm but positive approach to training… I call him the dog god…the dog whisperer has nothing on you. Gracie is a very smart and curious little girl that has strong dominance issues and has just started becoming more aggressive and worse lately. A little over a week ago she attacked Our other dog Cleveland and left 5 puncture holes on his neck and shoulder
Gracie is very well socialized and gets along with all other dogs at her doggy daycare big or small but just seems to trying to be the Alfa at home. this attack I knew I needed to contact Mark again immediately as I know he has lot of experience in working with dogs with aggression. Mark called me back promptly when I left a message and we arranged for him to come over within a couple days. When Mark arrived both dogs remembered him an showed him respect but where very happy to see him. Mark spent a few hours with us going over my concerns and determining what I needed to do to correct Gracies behaviour. There is no question my dogs know Mark is the boss and with his guidance and advise on methods I am sure I can correct the situation. Mark also called the next day to followed up to-see how things are proceeding. Thank you once again Mark for helping me see where I was going wrong and helping me eliminate Gracies aggressive behaviour. Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future to help us with boundary training
Thank you once again

Mrs. D. Jean Lucas

08-05-2023, 04:52 PM

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During Covid, I lost 2 dogs. Unable to get into a vet for shots. All 3 of my dogs lapsed by a month for their leptospirosis vaccine. My Sadie made it, the other 2 did not. Devastated and with only Sadie remaining, I acquired Vincent as a puppy. I am not by any means, a new dog owner.
Long story, somewhat short. Vincent was a breed I had researched. Calm, not aggressive, good with kids.
He hangs at the farm here with Sadie, who is more of an aggressive breed. Unfortunately he took on her personality.
Became protective of everything. Especially me.
That part I have learned, has nothing to do with him, its all me. Mark taught me that.
Vincent lashed out at my mom. That did not sit well with me.
Mark was recommended by my vet.
I could not be happier with the results!!
Mark is calm and caring and takes the same approach I do but with far, far more
knowledge regarding canines.
Mark is kind, considerate. After only a couple of training days, he commented that I do not have aggressive dogs.
I will continue to work on the skills that Mark has shown me in order for my dogs to do well socially.
I highly recommend Mark!!

jack atkin

20-10-2022, 02:43 PM

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Mark did the impossible, I/we thought. My wife and I, both retired took in a rescued foxhound/beagle mix one year old ( estimated ) who lived in the woods with 3 other dogs. The Northumberland Humane Society had no inquiries about Dottie for months ( changed her name to Dolly ) but we fell in love with her. Dolly was so stubborn and I/we could not properly walk her because she only went the way her nose lead her.
Then Mark came along ( recommended by a teacher of dog trainers ) and in one, 2-3 hour session taught me/my wife and Dolly. Now I/we can walk Dolly anywhere we want and Mark gave us the knowledge and confidence that has changed our relationship with Dolly. Before I/we feared taking Dolly out - not now!
I/we strongly recommend Mark as a great trainer for dogs and our dog had never been socialized before.
Thank you Mark
Jack Atkin & Sunny Choi

Julie Justin & Daxx

15-09-2022, 03:38 PM

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Mark was very reliable, knowledgeable and caring. he catered to our busy work schedule so he could help us.
he gave us many tips with our dog trainning both me and my dog learned alot from Mark.
we highly would recommend Mark and we look forward to having him back for more training with our lab pup!
Thanks for all your hard work with us Mark!

Sue D

17-07-2022, 10:09 AM

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How do you thank someone who’s made such a huge difference in your life?

We started working with Mark for basic training for Sam. We wanted to be able to take Sam anywhere and for him to listen. Whether we wanted Sam to come, sit, not jump on people out of excitement.
Sam does know his commands, he is great at home, but still working on getting him to listen all the time at the dog park. Always a work in progress.

Sam was almost 2 and I noticed a change in his behaviour. Normally happy or at least indifferent to new dogs at the park. He started barking and showing teeth to dogs he didn’t know. So what do I do? I call Mark. Sam and I began to work with Mark and his dog Jasmine. It took time and dedication, a lot of time. Went through all the steps, graduating one before moving to the next. Understand Sam’s bred instinct is to protect, and it may take time to make new friends. At the end
Sam was excited to see Jasmine and wanted to play. I can’t express in words how heart warming it was to see them play together and the relief that I felt. All the hours [14] all our hard work had paid off. I can’t thank Mark enough or put into words what this meant to me.

I would recommend Mark without hesitation. He train’s owners how to be good dog owners and gives them much more than they paid for. This man is worth every dime and knows his stuff. Thank you Mark, I couldn’t have done it without you


24-03-2022, 02:41 PM

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Mark worked with our border collie puppy Juno over the period of a month and a half or so. Working with Mark was a really great experience. He is extremely professional, diligent and caring. Juno adored him and he really went above and beyond to help us understand all of the intricacies of her behaviour. It's very clear he loves dogs immensely and he is undeniably passionate about them. As his client he puts you and your dog first. He is there to answer any questions or provide guidance outside of the sessions as well. The sessions take as long as you need to grasp everything. He is very generous with his time and comes to your home to work in your environment which was very important to us. Thank you so much Mark! We really appreciate all of the time and effort you put into helping Juno.

Bruce & Donna Morrison

20-03-2022, 10:42 AM

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We cannot thank Mark enough for the knowledge, guidance, and patience he brought to us in the basic obedience training for our young Australian Shepherd, Forrest. We realized that we did not have the knowledge or understanding of dog behavior and training techniques required. Through his help we are now MUCH happier and more confident dog owners!
Mark provided a structured training approach which built upon skills learned in each session, to build confidence in ourselves and our dog. Mark teaches you how to train your dog and to recognize certain signals and behaviors of your dog. He makes it fun and provides a documented approach to each skill each week. Mark is very focused on his goal that before he finishes each session, you demonstrate and acknowledge that you know how to take your dog through the training exercises properly. He also expects you to be committed to doing the work required. It is your job to train your dog.
Mark's understanding of, and compassion for dogs is incredible. His ability to bond with your dog, hold it's attention, and get it follow instruction are a pleasure to see and experience.
We highly recommend Mark, and look forward to working with him again very soon in the next steps in Forrest's training!

Laurie Oram

31-08-2021, 01:01 PM

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Thanks Mark for going over and above with our basic obedience training. Mark put his heart into helping us train our pup, worked around our busy schedules, included our kids in the process and answered all our training questions. Would highly recommend.

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